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I think we all have a writer inside of us just dying to get out. Some come in and express yourself with your thoughts,musings, stories and poetry. No judgements here!


Posted By flutterpie on Nov 29, 2006 at 12:43AM

Im so sorry that i couldnt be what you wanted me to be
her in all her glory
Im so sorry for the things the angry things that i said
so sorry for being broken hearted
So sorry that it was really the ghost that you wanted
Im so sorry that i cried when you lied
So sorry you stared me in the eye and said that without me you would die
Im so sorry for losing a whole year
So sorry for being the shoulder and the ear
Im so sorry for wiping your tears
So sorry that i didnt pay attention to my fears
Im so sorry that i cannot let you go
So sorry that when you beg i cannot seem to say no
Im so sorry that i cannot be the one
So sorry that the one has turned to dust
And here i am to take her place
Same soul, different face
Im so sorry that i love you unconditionally
Despite all the pain you have inflicted upon me
Im so sorry that i cannot do this anymore
i cannot be your saint, i cannot be your whore
So here is your room to breathe
So sorry that i allow myself to believe that this is only temporary
So sorry that i let it happen over and over again
And you wonder why you can never be just my friend

I dont want to be alone

Posted By flutterpie on Oct 23, 2006 at 10:47PM

Can you please come here?
Sneak in through my window, I promise I wont tell
Just lay here with me, in my bed, with the covers over our head
I dont want to face this alone
Can you please hold my hand?
I dont want to face another tragedy on my own
I promise to hide you away from everyone
Just keep you to myself
Can you please whisper in my ear that this is going to pass?
I promise not to repeat your words
If you will just hold me when it gets too hard
Pick me up when I let the grief overcome me
Can you please kiss my forehead when I want to cry?
I promise I wont let anyone know you came by
It can be just me and you
Can you please pick me up when the weight becomes too much to bear?
When I dont want to care?
Can you please just be there?

What now?

Posted By flutterpie on Oct 22, 2006 at 10:01AM

Its funny the things we take for granted
And its strange that we dont know what we have until its gone
As I sift through my memories of you, I try to hold onto everything
Chastising myself for the things I have forgotten and hurting for the things I remember
I want to feel better, take away the pain that is pulling down my heart
I want to run, shop, clean, go about my normal routine
As if I didnt stand next to your dying body, as if you didnt just fade away into the night
I would give anything to sit in your room one last time, hear the same stories over again.
I would give anything to talk to you, hear you, hug you
I have missed you for so long and now you are truly gone
I pray you are truly in a better place, standing side by side with the love of your life
I pray that there is no more pain or hurt there
I hope you know how much I love you, how much I appreciated you,how much I learned from you.
I hope you feel the gratitude I owe you
Please see me, please watch over me, please protect me
And I promise I wont forget anymore

The Decline of Humanity

Posted By Fantasia1 on Oct 13, 2006 at 4:08AM

As a child I dreamed
Of a perfect world,
A place I can be seen
And also heard.

I dreamed of peace,
Of colours and laughter,
Not knowing whats waiting
For me in the world after.

“Do this child” “do that”
I knew so little and was
Labeled bad.
I made a vow to the world, to life,
To myself.

That I would learn so much
About this mysterious universe
Not knowing that to do so
Would be a curse.

“So many people” I said
So many, so many,
So many colours, so many beliefs
All under one label, one name

I feel the prayers
Of the world,
I feel their spirits, I hear their voices
Echoing with the movement of grass.
A power that I feel, no one else has.

I grew up filled with knowledge,
Joy, not afraid
Not knowing all what I have
Lived for, was about to fade.

There was no grass, just sand
Rivers and oceans were dry,
Even birds were not able to fly,
The sky was orange, yellow and red
Which lead to a head after a head.

This is where I realized the
World after, the world I didn’t know
About, the one with the fake laughter,
Turned out to be the world of
The dead and the master.

A world that makes labeling appealing,
Lots of hate, pain, instead of healing.
This world I dread, this world I fled.
I want to be blind again,
I don’t want the knowledge
Take it back, hide it.

Humanity is lost,
And was labeled with expense and cost.
That’s where it finally sunk in,
I broke my vow to the world,
To life- to myself.

Finish This Story

Posted By flutterpie on Oct 5, 2006 at 6:08PM

Okay guys, get your creative juices flowing we are going to write a story! I will start it and see what you guys come up with. Enjoy!

Diana was a 34 year old mother of three. That is always how she described herself. She was Chelsea, Jack, and Jason's mom. She was Jim's wife. She was Estelle's responsible daughter and Alexis's dutiful sister. But what about Diana? Who was Diana? She had a good life. The kind most dreamed about. A lovely home in the suburbs, an amazingly supportive husband and intelligent, well-rounded kids. Hell her dog was even perfect. So why did she feel so....unfulfilled? The feeling had been nagging her for weeks, months if she really thought about it. It reappeared one Monday afternoon while she was in the fridge trying to figure out what to make for dinner. "Even dinner is becoming mundane" she thought to herself. The phone startled her. "Hello" "Diane is that really you?" "Um ya this is she? Who is this?" Diana felt a knot in her stomach as she thought back to the time when people called her Diane. "You don't recognize my voice" the person said sounding crestfallen. "Tell me who you are." Diana said, agitated.

Alright guys your turn!
Then she realized just who it was...It was Ryan her first love! She was suddenly flooded with memories of all the good times they had shared over the 4 years they dated. Then she remembered the pain she felt when his family moved away because, his father had gotten a job he could not turn down; she was just 19 at the time. It was the worse pain she had ever experienced. They tried making things work over the distance, but going to two separate colleges now 700 miles away; the distance became too much and was causing her even more pain. So, she made the hardest decision of her life; she ended with him. And, she had always wondered if it was the right thing to do, and she noticed lately she was thinking of him a lot. Wondering, "what if?" they had stayed together, would her life be more fulfilled, now. They shared many firsts together including making love. She became hot and flustered at the thoughts of these memories and then she uttered, "Ryan is that you?" even though she already knew it was, and then she said, "Why are you calling me after all these years, is everything okay?"
He sounded agitated "I need your help. Your the only person I can turn to." Me?,she thought, how can I be the only one he can turn to? Doesnt he have family or friends he can turn to, why his high school sweetheart from decades ago. "Why me, Ryan? I mean we havent spoken in decades?" "I know, I know I'm sorry. Its just that you were always the type to give me the benefit of the doubt. I have never had anyone in my life that was quite like you." She was quiet. The love they had back then was passionate and carefree. They would scream and argue and then make love in the backseat of his car, when he left for college, it had felt like a piece of her went with him. She had vowed to never feel that passionately for someone again. "I'm sorry, Diane, I know that your a wife and a mother now. You have your own life, you cannot get involved with mine,I'm sorry, I won't bother you again" He was going to hang up! Diane's heart started pumping faster, that feeling of losing him coming back "Wait..." she said, her voice still unsure,"What do you need?"